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Love these Headbands!

They’re the only ones I wear.


Great for 12 hour ER shifts! You guys rock!

Love your product!

They are so comfortable, colorful, and stay in place

I love how soft and comfortable the headbands are even after 12 hrs at work.

They also don't slip which is very rare for headbands

Try these!!

Your headbands fit EVERYONE and they are such cute designs. Also when there is a mistake you guys fix it and make it right.

I absolutely love that NEVER fall off. I

I am a pediatric ER nurse and i am always down on the ground at the children's level. They are so cute and have so many colors! i have ordered 2-3 times from your shop and they have been the best gifts i have received for nursing school and now work. working in the ER can be crazy and these headbands keep the hair out of my face and never have me worrying!

They don't move much!

I love your headbands so much! Thank you for all you do!

I love that they don’t slip!

I’m so used to headbands that don’t slip, I find myself constantly reaching up to fix it, but it’s always right where I want it!

No headaches, soft material and all the color options!!!

I just adore your small business and tell everyone about it every time I’m at work because people compliment the headbands <3

They don’t move

They stay in place!

Love the selection

Love the headbands!

The designs are always so cute

I’m a nurse and all my patients/coworkers compliment my headbands!

It stays in place on my head! No other head band does this!

Love your products!

They are so comfy and do not give me headaches.

It's a way for me to put personality in my work outfits when I have to wear gray scrubs everyday

Comfy, stays put, fits perfectly, & so cute.

Comfy, stays put, fits perfectly, & so cute.

Love all the different styles

The headbands are very comfy

They do not give me a headache

They are so cute and I feel like there are so many options!

I love your headbands! I was able to use it to display my commitment to my college and profession!!!

So many fun designs

I love them

Love this product!

Love the fit and the designs.

Love the quality

I wear headbands for every shift at work, and still keep button headbands or removable buttons on hand


I have lots of hair, so I love how these bands are able to hold everything in place!

Comfortable, soft to touch

Doesn’t trigger Headaches or migraines. Customer service has always been top notch!

The designs are so fun and they are super comfy

Sooo comfy

Comfy headbands and cute patterns

I love your headbands they’re the best!