Our Story

Our mission at Ever Ascending Tribe is to uplift women’s lives with a quick confidence boost of a guaranteed good hair day with high vibes, boldness and beauty.


Christa, our founder and owner, started Ever Ascending Tribe as a busy mom with $60 in her pocket. She had a vision to create products to help raise the vibes of other women. And she did. 

She was wearing headbands often as a new mom but hated that most would slip off or give her headaches. So she designed her own headbands to stay put without headaches! ✨

She started sharing them with her tribe & they in turn shared them with theirs. As they spread, she had to hire a team of women to help her.

Now we have a team of women who have flexible work schedules to support their families & the mission!

How It Started vs. Where It's Going

Who We Support


A portion of our proceeds go to support OUR Rescue stop human trafficking. Check out the short video above to see what their mission is all about.

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