About Us

Hi! I’m Christa, Founder of Ever Ascending Tribe. 

Our motto: Raise your vibe, so you can lift your tribe. 

When I became a mom, life got BUSY. Too busy to fix my hair every day and keep up with all of life’s other demands. That’s where the headband life came in. But all of the headbands I was buying were giving me headaches. I loved the ease of a headband, but hated the headaches that came with them.

So, I decided to make my own that are comfy, soft, and cute! Now, I'm able to get ready quickly, with no more bad hair days, and show up for my tribe. All women know, when you look better, you feel better, and you can show up better.

Now, I’ve hired a small, but mighty, team of women to help continue to uplift the lives of busy women. Every comfy headband is handmade in Montana and packaged with care for you to raise your vibe, so you can lift your tribe, better. 

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